Annette Toomey – LondonAnnette Toomey Sittingbourne

Sports are what I enjoy and always have done some sport.  I got into the gym a bit more seriously over the last several years. I have a real passion now for training others and wanted to find the right course to suit me. I wanted a course that would fit in with my hectic lifestyle and Diverse Trainers were perfect as I could study at home and most importantly I was able to sit the exams and do the assessments locally which suited me fantastically.  The student support team were always on hand to speak to me and very thorough in their answers to my questions I ask, and I asked a lot of questions.  My tutor was excellent at putting me at ease on the day he was very knowledgeable and helped enormously. I really enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend the course to anyone who is looking for a course that fits round their busy life.


Kyle Dawson – Preston

Kyle Dawson Preston
I wanted to know the ins and outs of how to work the body to the best of its ability to get the best results as I have always been interested in Fitness. My enjoyment of rugby and my sporting background lead me to deciding to follow this career pathway. I thought what better way to do what I love and have a career? Why not become a personal trainer so I searched around and found Diverse Trainers. Diverse Trainers were affordable they lived up to their name being diverse around my needs and my full time job.  The fact that Diverse Trainers offered a distance learning course was what drew my attention to this company as well as their affordable prices, It meant I didn’t have to take any time off work and I could study in my own time in the comfort of my own home which fitted around my other commitments including full time work. Most company’s when you need help get back to you 2-3 days later, with Diverse Trainers all of my calls (and there were many) where answered straight away and any emails I sent were also replied to within 24 hours. They understand the need of the client and understand the busy lives people live and how important courses like this are.  The tutors on the weekends where outstanding on all occasions they provided a great environment to learn. Very professional, warm and a friendly environment was set out from the onset. They explained everything in depth and broke down all exercises in stages to suit everyone’s needs. The tutors sealed the weekends for me and made every workshop weekend enjoyable and fun.  Diverse Trainers for me are exceptional value for money, the service I got from the tutors and their student support team were second to none, the weekends were fun filled, interesting and friendly and if I could I would do it all again.  100% without shadow of a doubt I would recommend Diverse Trainers to anyone wishing to get on the ladder on route to a career in health and fitness industry. I have completed my Level 2 Gym Instructor, Level 3 Advanced personal training diploma and my Level 1 Kettle Bell course and I will definitely be undertaking more courses with Diverse Trainers.

Dipesh Patel

I have been involved in the sporting/fitness environment since I was a young child, so I had no doubt in my mind that I would pursue a career in the sports and Fitness. I have recently just graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a 2:1 in sports coaching. However despite completing a sport coaching degree my heart was set on becoming a personal trainer. In the near future I will be looking to complete future qualifications held by diverse trainers in order for my personal training career to be successful. The course held by Diverse Trainers was very good, quick and effective. It was quick because it only took 3 days to complete where as when I looked at other sites they were ran over 3 weeks. Moreover, the course was carried out professionally, as the facilities that were used were very modern and up to date. Overall, the course was convenient for myself and will no doubt consider completed my level 3 when the dates are available. The support given through the course was very supportive, the tutor (Derek) was easily to get along with and was very approachable because anything that was unsure about I was in no hesitation to ask. While completing the portfolio that was asked to be completed on the day off arrival, the tutor was very helpful as he went through any questions people struggled on or missed out. Moreover, while practising in the gym Derek would come over and ask how we were getting along and providing us pointers on how to improve on our performance for the practical exam. The experience I gained with Derek was exceptional, within the first day we built an excellent rapport between us and other members on the course. He was very organised as he would send the whole group a message about what time to meet and what time our practical exam was.


I am living in North Wales, Anglesey I’m 19 years old. I use to hit the gym occasionally during 6th form in school, but it’s this year that I’ve really started to improve my nutrition and eat correctly to support my training needs. Fitness and lifting weights has become a large part of my life and I can never see this changing, as soon as you start to see your own personal results it’s the most satisfying feeling ever, and that itself is why I’m hooked on fitness. I aim to be an excellent personal trainer with my own gym to train my clients in and to complete more courses in the future to expand my knowledge and opportunities within the industry.

level 3 personal trainer

The classes were relatively small in numbers so everyone was given great attention and encouragement to get involved in both theory and practical tasks. The tutors are all very understanding and very supportive striving to bring out the potential in you, as well as being very clear and precise when conducting the course sessions. I highly recommend Diverse Trainers as they are by far the most affordable and yet offer a great service. The support throughout the course is also fantastic, simply pick up the phone and they are happy to help.



Steven HemmingsSteven Hemmings

I have participated in various sports including boxing, football and badminton, this is when I started to take training seriously as a career. I have always had a passion for fitness, I then decided I wanted to turn my hobby into my job and become a personal trainer. The first step to achieving my goals was getting my Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification with Diverse Trainers. From this I hope to achieve my ultimate goal and gain my Level 3 qualification in Personal Training. I thought the gym instructor course on offer was very good; the structure was in place to make the learning as smooth for me personally as possible. The materials supplied by Diverse Trainers were given to me in plenty of time before my assessments,

I had enough time to learn what I needed for my exams, portfolio and practical assessments. I had a good understanding of training and fitness, but this course opened me up to more detailed information and different techniques of training, which helped improve my knowledge base. The level 2 gym instructor course is very reasonably priced; when looking around other companies I found them to be a bit overpriced and they didn’t explain their course very well. Diverse Trainers were upfront about what the course entailed – I received a phone call the next day after I registered my interest and the trainer was very helpful when breaking down the price and details of the course to me. Everyone I was in contact with was very professional and supportive of my aspirations. I was given support throughout, from helping me with my portfolio, detailed breakdowns of my assessments, which was all done in a friendly and caring manner.

The tutor’s experience in the industry was exceptional; I would constantly ask him questions about training and he wouldn’t hesitate to give me a very detailed answer, which I felt very reassured about when he was assessing my practical sessions.  All in all, he passed me a lot of information that I have taken on board for the future, which I hope to take into my career in the industry.

Tracy Ann Margaret Salmon

Recently I completed my Level 2 gym instructor course with Diverse Trainers to become a Level 2 Gym Instructor. I had been working in the security industry for the past 19 years and this was a very big step for me to try a completely different career pathway. I have 7 years’ personal experience within the gym environment and was training to be a Tae-kwon-do instructor. I did complete my 1st Blackbelt Degree and began my 2nd Degree but I decided to lose weight and in doing so lost a lot of my strength and subsequently had to stop my rigorous training schedule and family commitments forced me to put this career on hold and pursue something else. I have always had the fitness bug and I was persuaded by my husband to start looking into whether I could become a gym instructor. I am now 38 and thought that I would not be suitable to this role as I was not necessarily in the best shape, but in February 2013 I decided to begin losing weight again and developing myself properly, and quite by chance I found Diverse Trainers on the internet. Their gym instructor courses were very reasonably priced and my husband said that if I was serious about completing my level 2 it was just as easy to put me through both level 2 and 3. Obviously for me the thought of studying was daunting as it has been quite a few years since I was in a classroom or taken any type of exams. I explained my worries to the tutors and I soon realized my fears were unnecessary and immediately dispelled. The coursework for the gym instructor course was sent to me electronically very easily and I sorted it out quickly and once sorted into folders it was quite easy to work out what was expected of you.


I passed the course and am now looking at starting employment with Xercise 4 Less on the 19th of August 2013. I am also going to be pursuing my Level 3 personal trainer training with Diverse Trainers at the end of September and once completed I will hopefully be able to look for more work and have better opportunities opening up to me. I couldn’t have achieved this without all the support from Diverse Trainers and everyone who works with them. They are a great company and I would recommend them to anyone who wants a career in the fitness industry.